you can see that you´re being surrounded every direction,
love was just something you found to add to your collection,

it used to seem we were number one, but now it sounds so far away,
 i had a dream we were running from some blazing arrows yesterday.

you said fight fire with fire, fire with fire, fire with fire
through desire, desi- sire, desi-, through your desire

foto / privat (men mariell som har hatt)
txt / scissor sisters

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05.jun.2010 kl.11:33

Himmelbildet!! :O

John Magnus

05.jun.2010 kl.22:57

Oi, du var skummelt lik Andy Warhol på dei bileta!


11.jun.2010 kl.18:30

solbrillene = awesum


13.jun.2010 kl.13:45

du er så fin pusi

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